Community News & Announcements

Santa is coming to Longford!!

Monday December 3rd and will take the following route:

1)Macer & Jamieson
2)Kellogg Rd.&Sanders Rd.
4)Kellogg Rd&Adcock Rd.
5)Adcock Rd&Jamieson Rd
6)Jamieson Rd&Ellison Rd.

  • 2018 Dues are being collected now! $30 to Longford Community Association. Please make checks payable to Longford Community Association and send to 914 Jamieson Rd.
  • Neighbors – If you have a neighbor or know of a member of the Longford community that does not have email or internet access, please share any news with them that you receive electronically. Also, please pass their address along to us so that we can deliver important information to them. Thanks a lot!!